I am a person with many varied interests, with music being one of the strongest ones for me. I’m quite sure I may catch some flak for having a lifestyle blog/site here and not having a ‘niche’ of music, but I have figured out over many years that I am just not built that way. If I had to focus ONLY on music I feel it would limit me as a person, both creatively and mentally. I like to be able to learn new things constantly. It’s true that I may have many hobbies going at once, and I know I can only focus on one thing at the moment for a time, but I love the option of having those favorite subjects to visit if and when I do choose to learn something new. According to Barbara Sher I might be defined as a ‘Scanner’ – and I’m finally ok with that:)

So although my heart is always in music, that’s not all you will hear me talk about, and it hopefully makes things more interested for you – my sweet reader:) Feel free to browse around – and who knows, maybe you will discover some new hobbies or interests to incorporate into your life!